In disaster's wake, there's only one call to make
866-404-7587 24/7 Emergency Service Available


From the entire Royal Plus Family, we hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe, strong, and maintain a positive attitude in these times of crisis. As a company that deals directly with infectious control, we understand the seriousness of this situation and are here.

Our Royal Plus team has been trained to perform safe decontamination best practices to help reduce the risk of Coronaviruses using different levels of disinfection. If your company is in need of disinfection, please call us at (866) 404-7587.

Make the Call. Turn Life Back On.

When disaster strikes, we understand the stress and uncertainty created by all the questions buzzing around in your head because we’ve experienced it, too.You want answers fast, but don’t want to compromise good service for quick answers from an inexperienced company. You may feel like everything is in the dark and life will struggle to move forward.


At Royal Plus Inc., we strive to relieve the stress and uncertainty by providing answers fortified by decades of experience. We recognize that disasters can be traumatizing and alarming for customers so we plan every step to make their catastrophe a distant memory so that they can turn life back on. We help turn life back on by providing customers affected by natural and man-made disasters with 24/7 emergency and disaster restoration services in a compassionate, reliable, and efficient manner.

There when you need us :

  • With one call, RPI is ready to respond in a timely fashion to whatever disaster has transpired. We own an extensive amount of specialty equipment and vehicles to be able to offer emergency mitigation. No matter the size of the disaster, Royal Plus, Inc. has the ability to complete it from start to finish.
  • Our company operates like an army because of our 8 locations and our strategic partners around the country that pull together to undertake large to small scale disasters. Royal Plus, Inc. has two RPI owned CAT (catastrophe) locations with over 200,000 sq. ft. that house specialty equipment, material, and vehicles such as command centers, vacuum trucks, generators, and desiccant dryers.

Customers are not alone :

  • Our trained technicians understand the recovery process. We maintain consistent contact to let our customers know where they are in the recovery process.
  • Team members are prepared to answer questions as well as walk through project plans with customers and insurance companies.

Insurance can be confusing :

  • Most Insurance policies require you to mitigate your damages to prevent further damage. Our estimators and technicians understand the proper documentation that may be required for your insurance company.
  • RPI has decades of experience in all phases of insurance restoration
  • We work with your insurance provider.