Wind & Storm Damage

The Effects of Wind Damage
High winds, depending on their strengths, are known to cause damage. Wind speeds as low as 30 mph can lead to power outages due to tree branches disrupting the flow of energy through power lines. Hurricane-force winds can cause substantial damage to mobile homes and could begin to structurally damage homes with foundations. Category 1 hurricanes can cause a projectile effect with sustained wind speeds of 74-95 mph, but once winds exceed 155mph, homes completely collapse and significant damage is done to larger buildings.  RPI is accustomed to dealing with this type of loss and can help restore buildings to pre-storm conditions.

What you should do after the Storm
In the event of a severe storm, it is wise to inspect your property externally as well as internally. We suggest starting with a brief external inspection; ultimately allowing more focus on the interior of your structure. Starting outside, check your surroundings. Look for fallen limbs or trees on your property that may have caused harm to the structure of your home or business. Inspect fences, decks, roofs, chimneys, vents and windows. Also look for missing siding and shingles. Higher gusts of wind can get behind these elements causing them to tear away from the structure. Always remember, DO NOT touch or go near any fallen wires! Call your utility company for assistance. The interior of your home or business should be inspected carefully. First, look for the not so obvious damages such as cracks in plaster, water stains on the ceilings and cracked windows. Second, look for the evident issues like standing or running water in the bathrooms, kitchens or basement, broken windows and structural damage.

Should your property suffer damage from high winds, you can count on the experience of Royal Plus Inc. to work directly with your insurance company and assist you with the claims process. Our restoration experts will begin with our post-disaster emergency board- up services to secure your property.

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We Are Professionals in Wind Damage Restoration.

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